Michael Replogle

Principal & Owner, Replogle Consulting; Founder and Director Emeritus, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, Former Deputy Commissioner for Policy, New York City Department of Transportation; Co-Founder, Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport

Location: Arnold, MD

Michael Replogle is a transportation expert. Mr. Replogle’s report provides an analysis of the HDOT plans, programs and practices that have long exacerbated high levels of GHG emissions from Hawaiʻi’s transportation system. His report, in five main parts, explains that: (1) state DOTs like HDOT are in the driver’s seat and play a key role in reducing GHG emissions; (2) HDOT, in performing its foundational responsibilities of planning and programming of the State’s transportation structure and investments, perpetuates the status quo of a GHG intensive system; (3) HDOT’s systemic practices prioritize programs that increase GHG emissions, such as road expansion, does not track and report its performance on reducing GHG and vehicle miles travelled, and importantly has not established objectives, targets or plans for decarbonization, particularly the mass electrification of transportation; (4) HDOT’s plans, investments, and actions for multimodal options (bicycle, pedestrian, and transit) limit the public’s transportation choices, perpetuating a car-centric system; and (5) the handful of activities that HDOT has implemented to reduce GHG emissions are piecemeal not the systems-level transformation necessary to meet the State’s mandate to decarbonize. Mr. Replogle’s report is essential to support youth plaintiffs’ claims that HDOT’s implementation of the transportation system is actively increasing rather than decreasing GHG emissions and going in the opposition direction of what is needed to meet the Zero Emissions Target.