Daniel Sperling, Ph.D.

Founding Director, Institute of Transportation Studies; Faculty Director, Policy Institute for Energy, Environment, and Economy, Distinguished Blue Planet Prize Professor, Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy, UC Davis, and  Former board member, California Air Resources Board (2007-2023).

Location: Davis, CA

Dr. Daniel Sperling is a transportation and energy expert who has authored 13 books and over 250 peer-reviewed journal articles. He also has considerable policy experience, serving 16 years as board member of the California Air Resources Board. Dr. Sperling presents GHG emissions data that confirm that the State’s total emissions, particularly from the transportation system are not on track to achieve Hawaiʻi’s decarbonization mandates. He documents cost-effective technologies and policies to decarbonize transportation in Hawaiʻi, including electrifying light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicle sectors, reducing vehicle miles traveled, and decarbonizing transportation fuels.