Youth Plaintiffs

Navahine youth voices were heard and met with direct action! Their bravery, perseverance and hope secured a climate victory for young people and all people in Hawai‘i, and around the world.

Youth Plaintiff

Kalikookalani T.

Age: 13
Hometown: Lahaina, Maui

Kalikookalani attends Hawaiian immersion school and enjoys diving and shell collecting. Her ‘ohana has been in Lahaina for 19 generations. Beginning at a very young age, Kalikookalani has been experiencing climate anxiety due to climate-induced storms and floods that have ravaged her community. In September 2018, Kalikookalani and her ‘ohana (family) packed up all their belongings and evacuated to a friend’s house as Tropical Storm Olivia became the first tropical cyclone to make landfall in Maui, completely destroying her home as it washed down a nearby stream. Then, in August 2023, Kalikookalani’s father also lost his home and family heirlooms in the Lahaina fire on Maui that killed over 100 people.

I joined this case so nobody would have to experience what I have experienced, and so I can make the world a better place.

—Kaliko S.